Truth About Sublimated Volleyball Jerseys

The Raw Truth of Your Sublimation Volleyball Jersey:

It’s the hottest thing on the court. Most manufactures are making them and some of the hottest teams are wearing them; giving indoor volleyball not only a new look but a whole new personality.  So let’s find out what sublimation really is.

Sublimation is a simple process of three things; water based ink, heat and pressure. Unlike other volleyball jerseys that use heat transfers or screen-printing, this process actually dyes the ink into the fabric leaving you with a smooth surface that will not crack or wash out.  Before your volleyball jersey is made it starts our as a digital image that is printed on paper using a sublimation machine. Then the paper is removed and sent through a heat-press machine along with the fabric that is mostly comprised of polyester. This process is a slow process that takes place under intense 400-degree heat. During this time the dye sub inks, water based inks, are lifted from the sheet and dyed into the fabric. After this process is finished the fabrics are sewed together to create your unique customized volleyball jersey.

Sublimated volleyball jerseys are the new way to make your own unique statement on the court. This new process gives you the chance to choose any color or image to personalize your team’s volleyball jerseys. With less cons and more pros, its leaves you with not only the best looking uniform on the court, but the smartest. Sublimation is giving your game and volleyball jersey no Limits! Tell us at 1st Place Volleyball your thoughts on sublimated volleyball jerseys.

PROS: Never washes out, never cracks, any color or image, long lasting, no limits

CONS: May cause envy amongst opponents, random people may want pictures with you and you might catch yourself dancing in the mirror in your jersey

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